Vocabulary section is supperb


Very effective app. Spelling bee competition is my favorite.
I would really like to see the competition module in play..

Shabeeb Mohammed

Nice work


Simple and easy.. Spelling bee exam simulation is unique and good..

Tesse May , country

supperb application.. and wow.. so many words..

I F , Australia

i need this tutorial package and let me know how can i make the payments

Donald Webber , Switzerland

Good job Keep it up. Superb tutorial for kids and adults. Site is easy to navigate

Sidor Evdokimov , Germany

Wow.. Wordbells android app is excellent. Spelling bee is the best.. The number of words are a lot..

Shabeeb Mohammed , oman

FANTASTIC! Works so well. This is great! There is nothing I have found to compare to your software. What an enormous service you have provided to people everywhere.

Thenha Shaheen , Qatar

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Yolanda Burrows , Austria

Trying to buy your course..

Camil Olmos , Estonia

I struggled a lot to make the payment. then i contacted support@wordbells.com and I got an amazing response. I find this very effective tool for kids. my children loves to the spelling bee exam tutorial. Do u have any other similar language developing program for kids?

Toby Broinowski , Canada

The programme truly is a masterpiece

Anishka De Silva , Sri Lanka

I just received the download link. I haven't tried the software yet but the customer support is excellent and very helpful . They are prompt in their reply. I am sure I will benefit from the software too.

Riya Fathima , Jordan

i am starting now to use this soft.w so after using it i will give my final review about it.

Manik Ghai , India

This online course is perfect for anyone, no matter the age, to learn the how to dictionary based english language, both american and british versions. I would recommend this to adults who want to learn for SAT, GMAT etc. Very well done

Vallie Kline , USA

The best thing i liked about WBs is their excellent support. They called me over Skype to support during installation process. Happy with the software, no more need to search for spellings and meanings and usages etc. Reporting feature of all marked words and playback is supperb

Eva Hateley , Canada

its very good course to learn and practice english, please provide some more free stuffs to help us online !!

Leslie Mace , Brazil

Great. Good software to practise. Just like a well written and simplified dictionary

Lilliana Jain , Spain

I bought this today. most of the other tutorials provide either very less words or they are not properly explained.. they never show the BASICS.. this tutorial is very easy to understand. Another thing what i want to specify is the support. I was facing some problem in opening the download file, Their support is amazing. they guided me through the complete process over phone.

Steve Mattingly , UK

This website is best. Is comfortable and helps a lot

Tegan Bryan , Norway

Im interested to buy this product to help my daughter to be genies in english

Michael Ball , UK

My daughter started learning english vocabulary with this tutorial and she loves it. The only problem I find is the size of the file. I have a slow speed internet connection and it took me hours to upgrade to full version.

Brittany Hitt , USA

This is a good product. Effort well rewarded.

Clive Davis , UK

Very excited to learn english pronunciation and vocabulary. More excited to practice the exam spelling bee section

Keira Stevenson , UK

Very economic application. 70000 plus words for 3000 rupees is very affordable. Keep up the good work.

Riyana Jahangeer , India

This spelling bee tutorial is really awesome. Thanks for making this

Michael , Burkina Faso