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This tutorial consist of 3 modules
Spelling Bee
Pronunciation Corrector
Vocabulary Builder

WordBells Tutorial

Pronunciation Corrector Module

  • Record the Pronunciation in your own voice and compare it with professional sounds.
  • Database consisting of more than 70,000 words.
  • One of the best tool in the globe to correct your Pronunciations.

Pronunciation corrector is tool to correct pronunciation. It is a well-known fact that MTI i.e. Mother Tongue Influence strongly effects your communication style. There is no better way to correct this than by practicing continuously. We follow the popular slogan “Practice make any Man Perfect”. But, what happens if there is no ground or opportunity for practicing with the correct /skēˈmadik/, then you will only end up hurting your pronunciation more and more. Hence, WordBells have come up with a unique interactive and animated computer based tutorial named Pronunciation Corrector. In this tutorial, you can pick a word from our huge database consisting of 70000 words and it’s professionally recorded audio files and speak it aloud. Along with this, the word will be displayed on the screen along with its definition. Then the student is given an opportunity to record the same word in his own voice and then will be able to compare the same with the professionally recoded audio and match the frequency and style with a playback option. With the help of these professionally recorded audio and text pronunciations, one can definitely improve their English pronunciations in no time.

Record your voice and check. Practice and practice until you become the perfect speaker. Moreover, you also have the options to mark the words and check on it at a later stage. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any words.