Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is WordBells
A. WordBells is one of the most successful, trusted and reliable Spelling Bee, Vocabulary & Pronunciation software tutorial available presently across the globe


Q. Which age group is benefitted by WordBells
A. WordBells can be used by any age groups starting from children in kindergarten to professional grownups. We even have a dedicated section in our Windows based desktop application just for SAT, GMAT & GRE candidates.


Q. How is WordBells different from a dictionary
A. Mostly every word in our database consists on professional Audio pronunciation (American and British), word definition, noun, adjective, usage, examples, word split-up to help you pronounce it better and many more. Hence, we can say that WordBells is like a mini interactive dictionary


Q. How can I improve spellings using WordBells

A. We have a very well designed interface to help you learn all spellings using respective pronunciation, usages, examples and audio. All we ask from you is to simply take 20 minutes from your daily routine to practice. After all practice makes a man perfect.


Q. How does WordBells help me in English Grammar Exercises

A. WordBells consists of 3 modules. learning and practicing Spelling Bee, Vocabulary builder & Pronunciation Corrector. Dedicated practice will help us help you achieve your goals.


Q. What is Spelling Bee

A. A Spelling Bee is a competition in which candidates are asked to say a wide range Spelling of Words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. Learn this module and you can improve your English Writing skills as well.


Q. How does Spelling Bee Exam work in WordBells

A. It works similar to the normal Spelling bee module but without the actual spelling being displayed.


Q. What is Vocabulary Builder

A. Ever wanted to develop your English vocabulary. This English vocabulary builder gives you Spelling of each words along with the audio file, pronunciation, definition and different word types in detail.


Q. What is Pronunciation Corrector

A. You can listen to audio pronunciations of each words, then record your own pronunciation and compare them with each other. You are also given the option to see how the words are pronounced.


Q. Reports. What does this do?

A. This section gives you all details of every word that you have flagged. More importantly, you can check the detailed Spelling Bee exam reports with all the words that you have answered correctly or wrongly.


Q. How many words are there in WordBells application

A. We have Mobile apps & Windows Desktop app. Both of these consist of American & British English words. Mobile apps contains 10,000 words & Desktop app contains 70,000 words


Q. What is our target

A. With advancements made in technology and creativity, we intent to reach every part of the globe. We, as a part of the WordBells family, hope to help every children and adult who wish to achieve this simple goal – Learn English fluently and easily.


Q. What does WordBells expect from the users

A. We expect to make sure all our users achieve what they came for. Spell Words correctly, Improve English speaking, excel English Vocabulary, Improve English Writing, learn to Speak English Fluently, Learn Pronunciation fluently and above all be the best Spelling Bee champion.


Q. Is WordBells available via online or offline

A. Once you download the application, all of our intended database of words are downloaded along with the application. Hence, you can use them offline all the time. You will only need to be online while doing the initial registration.