Pronunciation Corrector Module

It's a well known indisputable fact that MTI i.e Mother Tongue Influence strongly effects your communication vogue. There is no better way to correct this than by practicing continuously. Here we introduce a unique interactive and animated computer based tutorial with a big database to aid you.

  • Record the pronunciation in your own voice and compare it with professional sounds
  • Database consisting of more than 70000 words
  • One of the best tool in the globe to correct your pronunciations

Spelling Bee & Exam Module

A spelling bee, also known as Spelling B or Spell Bee, is a competition in which candidates are asked to spell a wide range of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.

  • Worlds one of the Best Spelling Bee Tutorial with more than 70,000 words including professionally recorded sound.
  • Ultimate tool to memorize Spellings of English words
  • Simulation of Spelling Bee competition
  • One of the best tools to improve English Literature
  • Option to learn both American and British English versions
  • Options to Display definitions, word types & its usage

Vocabulary Builder Module

You want to learn new words & improve your vocabulary, then use this tutorial lessons to increase your knowledge. Have a blast learning and practicing with new words. Prepare for your school test, GMAT, SAT, GRE tests etc

  • Each words comes with Professionally recorded voice with its Synonyms, Usage, Word Types and much more
  • See words in the context of real sentences
  • Suitable for all ages


Develop Your English Spellings - quick and easy

The Ultimate animated and interactive Tutorial for spelling contest, Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Database of 70,000+ words together with professionally recorded audio. High finish simulation of spelling contest competition. Ultimate tool to memorise Spellings of English words.

Spelling Bee & Exam Module

Want to Improve English Spellings? Want to Learn Spellings of over 70,000 words in the English dictionary? Then all you have to do is practice this interactive tutorial for atleast 20 minutes every day.

Pronunciation Corrector Module

This tool is designed to correct your pronunciation. It is a well-known fact that MTI i.e. Mother Tongue Influence strongly effects your communication style. There is no better way to correct this than by practicing regularly. Record Your Pronunciation and Compare it With Professionally Recorded Ones.

Vocabulary Builder Module

Incorporating simply few new words into your word-stock daily can dramatically improve your comprehension, communication skills and maybe even amendment your life.

Specific Modules for learning SAT/GRE/GMAT words.

Suitable for all students and children from Grade 1 onwards.

Option To Choose both American & British English Versions.

Record your own pronunciation and compare it with professionally recorded ones

Compete amoung the whole world via our app (coming soon)

Download the free version and enjoy a taste of our huge database